LandGate is the leading provider of information, data solutions, and an online marketplace for US commercial land resources: solar, wind, carbon, oil & gas, minerals, and water. The company helps landowners, real estate agents, investors, and developers understand energy and environmental resource values and transact on its online marketplace. LandGate’s platform applies its technology to provide deals, leads, data, analytics, and web apps to substantially reduce investors costs.

LandGate has a differentiated product advantage built on highly automated data tasks and the digitization of land resource valuations. The network effect builds with landowners and real estate agents who can easily list land resources for lease or sale on the online marketplace. It also provides a cost advantage for energy and environmental investors/developers who can more efficiently access deals.


LandGate was founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, USA. In 2019, LandGate received Series A funding from Rice Investment Group, a widely-respected energy technology investor. In 2020 LandGate partnered with The Realtors Land Institute, the AAPL, and the University of Texas at Austin to increase its sellers network through thousands of real estate agents, landmen, and energy professionals.


Empower any landowner, investor and developer to instantly find, accurately value, and exchange land resources.


Create a land resources marketplace showing the data intelligence and value of all energy and environmental resources of every parcel in the US.

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