LandGate is the first and only US marketplace for mineral, solar, wind, water, and property rights, providing free data intelligence to landowners and buyers. The company has digitized land resources valuations and applies its technology to provide an online marketplace, appraisal services, and SaaS solutions.

LandGate's competitive advantage is built on proprietary algorithms and the automation of valuation data tasks, while maintaining a personal and interpretive approach to geology, science, and resources forecasting. LandGate’s living database has trillions of data points for the most comprehensive land resource data on the market.


LandGate was founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, USA. In 2019, LandGate received Series A funding from Rice Investment Group, a widely-respected energy technology investor. In 2020 LandGate partnered with investment bank, Entoro Capital, to enlarge its buyers network, and later with National Land Realty to increase its sellers network through hundreds of real estate agents.


Empowering any landowner and investor to instantly find, accurately value, and transparently exchange land resources.


Create a transparent land resources marketplace showing the data intelligence and value of all property rights of every parcel in the US.

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