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Oil and gas data & analytics available either online or for download

    Most comprehensive US coverage:
  • Detailed well header data
  • Full historical production data
  • Advanced allocation process for the most accurate production data
  • Directional surveys
  • Access a >50,000 type curve database for accurate forecasts throughout the U.S.
  • Production forecasts for all wells and permits
  • EURs for all wells and permits
  • Economic input parameters for every type curve area (drilling capital costs, operating costs, transportation costs, severance tax, and ad valorem tax)

Access unmatched analytics for each parcel in the US make for easy searches and screening which are pre-run economics and mineral lease/sale value heatmaps.

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Track parcel status, manage your deals, share projects

Save parcels/tracts you own or that you are negotiating. Search for parcels/tracts meeting your buy criteria. Search land for sale (MLS listings) with the maximum mineral value. Use our pre-run mineral $/ac economics for each parcel and mineral value heatmaps. Upload KML/Shapefiles. Write notes on parcels and share across your team. Connect it to Salesforce.


Export parcel ownership and shapefiles

Export the most accurate parcel ownership data including owner’s names, mailing addresses, phone numbers. Easily search and filter using analytics associated with each parcel in the US. Only pay for the high value parcels you want: mineral royalties, basin, geography, distance to shapefiles, and more!
(shapefile, KML, and Excel exports)

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Oil & Gas PowerVal

All-In-One Engineering & Economics Web App

Evaluate any oil and gas asset in minutes. Fully automated oil and gas data, engineering, and economics platform. Print full economic reports and feasibility studies in seconds.

    All integrated:
  • Upload your lease/well schedule
  • Well production & data all over the US
  • Data conditioning
  • Best in class production allocation
  • Access 50,000 type curves with economic parameters
  • Auto-forecasts
  • Automatically add non-permitted future drilling locations with accurate prod start dates

Generate reserves reports in seconds. It also includes full engineering support.

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As our country continues to invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is critical to identify the right sites to host projects. The LandGate platform provides its customers with an additional tool to help identify suitable land for projects while providing landowners with a new platform to help market their property.

Rebecca Kujawa, President and CEO
NextEra Energy Resources

We are an early-adopter of the web services, the map, and online services are amazing, extremely efficient and at an affordable price for a small operator.


I was running an evaluation using LandGate [PowerVal] in Reeves County, TX and discovered that LandGate’s figures were considerably more accurate than another popular data provider. The quality of the data and valuation not only increased my level of confidence in the deal, it improved the relationship I had with the seller.

Perthshire Minerals & Royalty, LLC

In the coming years there will be enormous demand for land to help achieve the world’s collective climate goals. The LandGate platform is a truly differentiated screening tool and marketplace that connects landowners with renewable energy and carbon offset developers, increasing transparency and efficiency for all parties while contributing to a Net Zero future.

Alex Inkster, Partner