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Hot leads matching your buy criteria

  • Get active and ready-to-close landowner leads for new wind farm projects or find landowners with active wind farm projects looking to divest land they are receiving lease payments from.
  • Search landowner leads by type like land for lease for wind farms, or get alerts for rare wind farm royalties for sale
  • Download landowner information and Contact willing sellers directly without any intermediary
  • LandGate doesn’t take any commission, and does the marketing work to present these leads to you
  • Access via API or platform with automated notifications
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Wind data & analytics available either online or for download

Get the best electric infrastructure data with the highest coverage in the US:
  • Distribution lines with owner, voltage, hosting capacity, interconnected DER, queued DER, peak amps, summer rating, phase, historical + forecasted load and geometries.
  • Transmission lines with owner, voltage, total transfer capability (TTC), available transfer capability (ATC), scheduled flow, Connected Substations, and geometries.
  • Substations with capacity, owner, queued interconnection projects, connected distribution and transmission lines, locations,
  • LMP pricing nodes, day ahead energy pricing, real time energy pricing, forecasted energy pricing, node locations
  • local and state incentives (tax exemptions, performance based incentives, REC market value)
Access unmatched wind farm data and analytics:
  • Wind farm and turbine locations with geometries, owner, capacity, historical and forecasted monthly production, specific turbine details (manufacturer, model, size, capacity)
  • High quality wind speed data by month and elevation
  • Pre-calculated Buildable acreage layers
  • All exclusion zones such as flood areas, waterways, national parks, state parks, hazardous sites and reserved grasslands
  • Estimated Parcel lease value for potential wind farms with heatmap display (using pre-run wind economics)
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Manage your deals on a map, Track parcel status, share projects

  • Access the best ownership data in the US (CoreLogic) with the best coverage, the most accuracy, and the highest frequency of updates
  • Save parcels/tracts you own or that you are negotiating
  • Search for parcels/tracts meeting your buy criteria: acreage, capacity, distance to substation, distance to urban area, available capacity
  • Extract parcels with solar and wind royalties, including planned farms, under construction; LandGate predicts the size of farms not visible on satellite imagery
  • Search land for sale (MLS listings) with the maximum wind farm potential; use our pre-run wind $/ac/yr economics for each parcel
  • Upload KML/Shapefiles
  • Write notes on parcels and share across your team
  • Connect to Salesforce


Export parcel ownership and shapefiles

  • Export the most accurate parcel ownership data (CoreLogic) including owner’s names, mailing addresses, phone numbers
  • Easily search and filter using analytics associated with each parcel in the US
  • Export as shapefile, KML, and Excel exports
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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

  • Direct targeted marketing by LandGate focused on your buy criteria
  • Mail campaign sending LandGate’s Real Estate Land Resource Summary report customized to each targeted high value lead you generate confidentially
  • White label option: insert your logo
  • Customize your marketing message
  • Printing, handling, mailing included within a few business days
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Wind PowerVal

All-in-one engineering & economics web app

  • Evaluate any wind farm in minutes including future development sites or existing projects
  • Fully automated wind farm data, infrastructure data, engineering, and economics platform
  • All integrated: exclusion zones, topography, buildable acreage, wind turbines layout, wind speeds by height above the ground, LMP, PPA, local/state incentives, capital costs, o&m
  • Print full economic reports and feasibility studies in seconds
  • Full engineering support
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As our country continues to invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is critical to identify the right sites to host projects. The LandGate platform provides its customers with an additional tool to help identify suitable land for projects while providing landowners with a new platform to help market their property.

Rebecca Kujawa, President and CEO
NextEra Energy Resources

LandGate provides us with the most comprehensive data that covers everything we need including hosting capacity to evaluate the feasibility of our solar farm greenfield sites.

Diana Rivera, Director of Development
Lightsource BP

In the coming years there will be enormous demand for land to help achieve the world’s collective climate goals. The LandGate platform is a truly differentiated screening tool and marketplace that connects landowners with renewable energy and carbon offset developers, increasing transparency and efficiency for all parties while contributing to a Net Zero future.

Alex Inkster, Partner