Hot leads matching your buy criteria

  • Get active and ready-to-close leads for land or forest carbon offsets from landowners interested to earn carbon credits
  • Search landowner leads of land available for carbon offsets
  • Contact willing carbon credit sellers directly without any intermediary
  • Connect with us to learn how you can get access
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Surface carbon data & analytics available either online or for download

Get the best land, forestry, soil data & analytics:
  • Conditioned tree canopy data providing for every parcel in the US:
    • Breakdown of tree species
    • Tree count per species
    • Tree diameter per species
    • Tree age and maturity per species
    • Tree height and root-to-shoot per species
    • Tree carbon stock & sequestration per species
  • Conditioned soil data providing for every parcel in the US:
    • Breakdown of the soil types
    • Carbon stock & sequestration by soil type
  • Unmatched analytics providing for each parcel in the US:
    • Potential acreage for reforestation from treed acreage and non-tree acreage
    • Maximum tree canopy densities based on location, climate, and water precipitation.

Underground carbon data & analytics available either online or for download

Access CO2 pipelines, CO2 emitting facilities, abandoned and existing wells with formation and completion data.

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Manage your deals on a map, Track parcel status, share projects

  • Save parcels/tracts you own or that you are negotiating
  • Search for parcels/tracts meeting your buy criteria: tree canopy, reforestation potential, carbon offset potential
  • Search land for sale (MLS listings) with the maximum carbon credit potential
  • Use our pre-run carbon credit potential $/ac/yr economics for each parcel
  • Upload KML/Shapefiles
  • Write notes on parcels and share across your team
  • Connect to Salesforce


Export parcel ownership and shapefiles

  • Export the most accurate parcel ownership data (CoreLogic) including owner’s names, mailing addresses, phone numbers
  • Easily search and filter using analytics associated with each parcel in the US
  • Only pay for the high value parcels you want: highest carbon offset potential, highest reforestation potential, greatest SOC stock, and more!
  • Export as shapefile, KML, and Excel exports
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Carbon Offsets PowerVals

All-in-one engineering & economics web app for nature-based carbon sequestration solutions

  • Evaluate any land for voluntary carbon offset in minutes
  • Fully automated carbon offset data, engineering, and economics platform
  • All integrated: Make acreage elections, and calculate the carbon offsets and credits for trees, reforestation, and soils
  • Design your carbon offset project: location outlines, exclusion zones, acreage elections.
  • Print a full carbon credit economic report in seconds
  • Full engineering support

Carbon Offsets & Storage PowerVals

All-in-one engineering & economics web app for underground carbon sequestration

  • Evaluate any underground carbon storage projects & assets in minutes
  • Fully automated underground carbon storage engineering, and economics platform
  • All integrated:
    • CO2 pipelines
    • CO2 emitting facilities
    • Select / upload wells for carbon injection
    • Well formations
  • Generate economic reports in seconds
    • Run sensitivities on prices, performance, start dates, risking
    • Determine costs to connect Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Projects to pipelines and carbon injection sites
  • Full engineering support
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As our country continues to invest in cleaner forms of energy, it is critical to identify the right sites to host projects. The LandGate platform provides its customers with an additional tool to help identify suitable land for projects while providing landowners with a new platform to help market their property.

Rebecca Kujawa, President and CEO
NextEra Energy Resources

In the coming years there will be enormous demand for land to help achieve the world’s collective climate goals. The LandGate platform is a truly differentiated screening tool and marketplace that connects landowners with renewable energy and carbon offset developers, increasing transparency and efficiency for all parties while contributing to a Net Zero future.

Alex Inkster, Partner

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