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Carbon LandEstimates™

Carbon Credits Value by Parcel and County View

  • Locate the most profitable areas for carbon offsets with parcel level value data
  • LandGate is the first and only platform to accurately determine the carbon credits economic sale values for every parcel in the United States
  • LandGate has digitized the carbon credits valuation process and automatically runs each parcel like an investor would
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Next Gen Data Solutions

  • Bring unique revolutionary data to your system
  • Or analyze data on LandGate’s online secured platform
  • Accurate carbon credits potential value data down to the parcel level across the US
  • Database of high value landowners
  • Non-public comp data
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High Value Carbon Leads

  • Access the most comprehensive database of high quality surface owner’s contact information based on your buy criteria
  • LandGate’s platform constantly receives information from active sellers who claim ownership
  • LandGate completes this database with the most comprehensive owner data from our partner, CoreLogic
  • Focus on the most profitable carbon offset potential areas by combining your lead search with LandGate’s unique carbon offset data
  • Immediately contact high value sellers in your area of interest
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Priority Access to Verified Carbon Credits for Sale

  • Get alerts matching your buy criteria
  • Set up your buy criteria and area of interest
  • Receive exclusive alerts to new listings before they get marketed
  • Be the first to access verified and certified carbon credits ready to close
  • Save time & money
  • Lower your acquisition costs, no need to spend time sourcing leads
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Carbon Offsets Tree Data

  • View tree canopy mapping on land across the country and the subsequent tree carbon sequestration in (ton/acre/year)
  • Tree canopy area and density
  • Tree canopy height
  • Tree types
  • Mangrove forest
  • Forest age
  • Climate, water precipitation
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Carbon Offsets Reforestation Data

  • Potential reforestation carbon sequestration rate
  • Carbon offsets from reforestation calculated based on:
    • Nearby tree types with highest carbon sequestration
    • Tree growth and carbon sequestration by year
    • Non-tree area
    • Tree canopy density
    • Maximum tree canopy density in the area based on climate and water precipitation
  • Carbon credit certification
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Carbon Offsets Soil Data

  • View a comprehensive mapping of soil types and their carbon sequestration capacity across the US
  • Soil organic carbon density (kg/m3)
  • Organic carbon stocks (ton/ac)
  • Hydric index
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Sold Carbon Credits Comp Data

  • Largest database of sold carbon credits deal comp data
  • Carbon credits sale data
  • Transactions of all sizes including non-public
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Areas Suitable for Carbon Offsets

  • Determine areas suitable for carbon offsets with access to shapefiles for national and state parks, national forest land units, hazardous sites, grassland, wilderness conservation areas, current dwellings, and waterways
  • Access carbon sequestration rates and capacities of soil types and tree coverage to find areas with the most potential for earning carbon credits
  • Certify your carbon offsets
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Carbon Credits Land Economics

  • Determine the economic viability of any area for carbon offset credits
  • View maximum carbon sequestration (Ton/Ac/Yr), forecasted net yearly cash flows, and state and local government incentives
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How It Works

  • Easy access on LandGate's platform
    • Unlimited users
    • Secure credentials
    • Save your own shapefiles
    • Live updates
  • or Download the data to put it on your system
    • Monthly updates

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