PowerTools Suite for Carbon

Digitizing Nature Based Carbon Solutions

Carbon PowerLeads

Hot leads matching your Carbon buy criteria

  • Get active and ready-to-close leads for land or forest carbon offsets from landowners interested to earn carbon credits
  • Search landowner leads of land available for carbon offsets
  • Contact willing carbon credit sellers directly without any intermediary
  • Connect with us to learn how you can get access
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Carbon PowerCRM

All-in-one land management web app

  • Get the most accurate ownership information with the best coverage in the US (CoreLogic)
  • LandGate enhances this ownership data with landowners claiming ownership on LandGate
  • Manage your deals on a visual map, save your own parcels/tracts you are negotiating
  • Upload KML/Shapefiles
  • Write notes on parcels and share across your team
  • Use our pre-run carbon credit potential $/ac/yr economics for each parcel
  • Search parcels in relation to
    • Tree canopy
    • Reforestation potential
    • Carbon offset potential

Carbon PowerParcels

Export parcel ownership and shapefiles

  • Export the most accurate parcel ownership data (CoreLogic): polygons, ownership, addresses, tax, zoning,...
  • Reach landowners directly and more cost effectively using phone or email
  • Phone numbers and email addresses automatically appended to the most accurate ownership information
  • Ownership database enhanced with landowners claiming ownership on LandGate’s website
  • Export as shapefile, KML, and Excel exports
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Carbon PowerData

Surface carbon data & analytics available either online or for download

Get the best land, forestry, soil data & analytics:
  • Conditioned tree canopy data providing for every parcel in the US:
    • Breakdown of tree species
    • Tree count per species
    • Tree diameter per species
    • Tree age and maturity per species
    • Tree height and root-to-shoot per species
    • Tree carbon stock & sequestration per species
  • Conditioned soil data providing for every parcel in the US:
    • Breakdown of the soil types
    • Carbon stock & sequestration by soil type
  • Unmatched analytics providing for each parcel in the US:
    • Potential acreage for reforestation from treed acreage and non-tree acreage
    • Maximum tree canopy densities based on location, climate, and water precipitation.
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Carbon PowerMarketing

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

  • Direct targeted marketing by LandGate focused on your buy criteria
  • Mail campaign sending LandGate’s Real Estate Land Resource Summary report customized to each targeted high value leads you generate confidentially
  • White label option: insert your logo
  • Customize your marketing message
  • Printing, handling, mailing included
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Carbon PowerVal

All-in-one engineering & economics web app for nature-based carbon sequestration solutions

  • Evaluate any land for voluntary carbon offset in minutes
  • Fully automated carbon offset data, engineering, and economics platform
  • All integrated: Make acreage elections, and calculate the carbon offsets and credits for trees, reforestation, and soils
  • Design your carbon offset project: location outlines, exclusion zones, acreage elections.
  • Print a full carbon credit economic report in seconds
  • Full engineering support
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LandGate + Salesforce Integration

  • Connect Parcel Portfolios from LandGate to Salesforce
  • Streamline your outreach funnels with customized stages for each process
  • Color-coordinate parcels to sales stages
  • Access all parcel data in the United States
    • Download/Upload shapefiles
    • Export ownership data and parcel notes
    • Export contact info: phone number & email address
  • Lighting-fast customer acquisition
    • Utilize PowerMarketing to optimize mailer workflow
    • Reduce customer acquisition cost to $50 per customer
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