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Next Gen Deals and Data Solutions

  • Focus on the Most Profitable Oil & Gas Areas
  • Accurate Mineral Value Data Down to the Parcel Level
  • Priority Access to Deals and Leads
  • Database of High Value Mineral Owners
  • Non-Public Comp Data (Sale & Lease)
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High Quality Oil & Gas Leads

  • Access the most comprehensive database of mineral owner’s contact information based on your buy criteria
    • LandGate’s platform constantly receives information from active sellers who claim ownership
    • LandGate completes this database with the most comprehensive owner data from our partner, CoreLogic.
  • Focus on the most profitable areas by combining your lead search with LandGate’s unique oil & gas data
  • Immediately contact high value sellers in your area of interest
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Priority Oil & Gas Deals

  • Priority access to deals ready to close
  • Focus on the most profitable oil & gas areas
  • Alerts and priority access to listings meeting your buy criteria
  • Save on acquisition costs and time
  • High volume of sellers and lessors list on LandGate’s platform
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Oil & Gas LandEstimates™
Oil & Gas Value by Parcel

  • Locate the most profitable areas with parcel level value data
  • LandGate is the first and only platform to accurately determine the oil & gas economic sale and lease values for every parcel in the United States
  • LandGate has digitized the oil & gas valuation process and automatically runs each parcel like an operator would.
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Mineral Comps

  • Over 15,000 mineral comp data points
  • Mineral sales, leases, working interests with details
  • Transactions of all sizes including non-public deals
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High Value Mineral Owners and Leads

  • Database of landowners in the highest value areas for oil & gas
  • Accelerate your transactions by finding the right contacts
  • Contact mineral owners in your area of interest
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Priority Access to Listings
Get Alerts Matching Your Buy Criteria

  • Set up your buy criteria and area of interest
  • Receive exclusive alerts to new listings before they get marketed
  • Be the first to access actual deals, not just leads with sellers/lessors ready to close
  • Save time & money
    • Lower your acquisition costs, no need to spend sourcing leads
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Oil & Gas Data

  • Detailed well header data
  • Full historical production data for every well
  • Advanced allocation process for the most accurate production data
  • Access a type curve database for accurate forecasts throughout the U.S.
  • Production forecasts for all wells and permits
  • EURs for all wells and permits
  • Economic input parameters for every type curve area (drilling capital costs, operating costs, transportation costs, severance tax, and ad valorem tax)
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Accurate Production Allocation

  • See how LandGate’s innovative production allocation compares with others through the images on the left.
  • Combined oil production of all wells on the lease before the production allocation process (top) and oil production allocated to individual wells on the lease after LandGate’s process (bottom)
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Invest Your Energy Where You’ll Get the Most Return

  • Heat maps of where the high value parcels and landowners are located
  • Updated every month with new operator activities and commodity prices
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How It Works

  • Easy access on LandGate's platform
    • Unlimited users
    • Secure credentials
    • Save your own shapefiles
    • Live updates
  • or Download the data to put it on your system
    • Monthly updates
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