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Next Gen Data Solutions

  • Focus on the Most Profitable Solar Areas
  • Accurate Solar Value Data down to the Parcel Level
  • Priority Access to Deals and Leads
  • Database of High Value Solar Rights Owners
  • Non-Public Comp Data (Sale & Lease)
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Deals & Leads

  • Priority access to deals ready to close
  • Focus on the most profitable solar areas
  • Alerts and priority access to listings meeting your buy criteria
  • Save on acquisition costs and time
  • High volume of sellers and lessors list on LandGate’s platform
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Solar Value by Parcel and County View

  • Locate the most profitable areas with parcel level value data
  • LandGate is the first and only platform to accurately determine the solar economic sale and lease values for every parcel in the United States
  • LandGate has digitized the solar valuation process and automatically runs each parcel like a developer would
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Solar Deal Comp Data

  • Discover solar farm transaction prices
  • Solar farm lease details (lease bonus and negotiated royalty/rent)
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High Value Solar Rights Owner Leads

  • Database of landowners in the highest value areas for solar
  • Accelerate your transactions by finding the right contacts
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Priority Access to Listings
Get Alerts Matching Your Buy Criteria

  • Set up your buy criteria and area of interest
  • Receive exclusive alerts to new listings before they get marketed
  • Be the first to access actual deals, not just leads with sellers/lessors ready to close
  • Save time & money
    • Lower your acquisition costs, no need to spend sourcing leads
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Solar Irradiance Data

  • 2D solar irradiance gives the exact watts per square meter for any location in the United States
  • 3D solar irradiance is a unique dataset produced by LandGate. 3D irradiance takes topography and the sun incidence angle based on latitude into account. It is higher resolution than the 2D irradiance.
  • 2D and 3D solar irradiance are provided as yearly and monthly averages.
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Solar Farm Locations and Outlines

  • Solar farms across the United States with status, capacity, annual production, and acreage
  • Solar Farm outlines including current sites, under construction, and planned sites
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Solar Farm Economics

  • Determine the economic viability of any area for solar development
  • Daily Production, Capex Data, Market Data (LMP and HUB), Incentives and more
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Electric Substations and Transmission Lines

  • Substations: ID, Status, Max Voltage, Lines, and Type
  • Transmission lines: Owner, Status, Voltage, Capacity, and Substation Connection
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Solar Farm Buildable Areas

  • Map layers of buildable areas and exclusion zones
  • Avoid exclusion zones such as flood areas, waterways, national parks, state parks, hazardous sites and reserved grasslands
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How It Works

  • Easy access on LandGate's platform
    • Unlimited users
    • Secure credentials
    • Save your own shapefiles
    • Live updates
  • or Download the data to put it on your system
    • Monthly updates
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