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What does LandGate Realty do for your business?

Custom Land Reports

  • Access to trillions of energy and natural resource data points to understand the full DNA of a property
  • Research and analyze natural resource values across the United States
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Oil and Gas Minerals
    • Carbon Credits
    • Mining Rights

Land CRM

  • Helps you manage and organize all of your leads, listings and deals in a CRM program specifically designed for land professional teams
  • Allows you to work with EVERY landowner, not just the ones looking to sell or buy land
  • Manage and evaluate parcels for
    • New clients
    • Existing clients
    • Previous clients

Parcel Data

  • Access to nationwide ownership data set
  • 100 free parcels upon sign up
  • $0.07/parcel that can be stored and managed in your LandGate profile

Energy & Natural Resource Marketplace

  • Post your land listings as well as any of your clients who want to receive offers for energy or natural resource leasing on LandGate's marketplace
  • No cost, commission free paid to LandGate
  • Your listing agreement means it is 100% your listing
  • API connections available

LandGate PowerRealty

$50/month per user

"You're already in the energy industry; you just don't know it yet."

How can you use LandGate?

Working for Buyers

  • Turn a good deal into a great deal by using LandGate's industry leading datasets to identify "hidden upside" potential that every buyer is looking for
  • Find an asset that precisely fits your clients needs
  • Help your buyer understand how to make revenue on the property post-closing
  • You help get them in a lease for their new property!
  • Identify parcels and purchase opportunities based on specific criteria for specific projects
    • Solar Farms
    • Pipelines
    • Transmission Lines
    • Right of Way
    • Wind Turbines
    • Roads and Highways

Working for Sellers

  • Providing advisory services to landowners who want to participate in energy and natural resource deals, but are afraid of being taken advantage of
    • You are now in the corner of the landowner in a process where traditionally they were on their own
  • Recruit new clients by providing them more information about their property than they have ever seen
  • Help them make more money on their land without having to sell
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Get a landman, geologist and engineer on your team for $50/month!

  • Access to the largest network of institutional energy and land investors
  • Full support of LandGate staff including professional landman, geologists and engineers
    • Assistance with client questions and meetings
  • Training
    • Free custom one-on-one training sessions for you or your team
    • Free bi-weekly webinars to feature product tips and tricks as well as land resource topics
    • CE courses offered through Realtors Land Institute and the University of Texas (Austin)