Why Broker Your Property With Us?

Why Broker Your Property With Us?

The best reason is that it produces better deals for you as a mineral owner. If a landman has approached you with an offer, please consider the following.

As opposed to a single landman, our team of experts will professionally appraise your property’s worth and then expose it to the world by listing it online. With a professional valuation, you as a mineral owner, can get a fair market deal. We offer free listings and free appraisals, so why not list with the nation’s #1 marketplace?

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Our platform helps mineral owners get better offers because of accurate appraisal information on the property. This puts the knowledge of the property value into the hands of the mineral owner, and leads to the best deal.

Better DEALS

Listing with LandGate gets the Mineral Owner the:

  • Highest Bonus
  • Highest Royalty
  • Best Lease Terms
  • Best Surface Use Agreement


Experts to Protect your Interests

We have a dedicated team of geoscientists, engineers, and landmen to protect your interests who work in a transparent manner.

Confidence – Know the Value of Your Property

We are more than a listing. Our platform has digitized the appraisal process. It pulls the latest well and production data for your state along with the latest oil and gas market data. We give you an updated appraisal of your property so that you know with confidence the current market value of what you own.

List at the Market Value that Large Operators Would Pay

Other brokers just put your property at the minimum price, and hope the bids will move up. At LandGate, we run an appraisal like a large operator would, and we justify a market value for your property.

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Easier DEALS

Work with a Dedicated Team of Experts

We do all the work for you and you make all the decisions. Ultimately the mineral owner decides which offer they will take on their property.

If you are interested, please refer to this page with more questions or contact us directly!

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