Better Mineral Rights Deals: A Mineral Owner’s Guide

Better Mineral Rights Deals: A Mineral Owner’s Guide

Know the Worth of Your Mineral Rights

Mineral owners often get taken advantage of. Mineral rights and the value associated with them are topics usually elusive to the non-expert. brings transparency to mineral rights’ value by providing free online resources to mineral owners and a better marketplace for both sellers and buyers.  

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Mineral Rights Deals-Don’t Get Duped

Traditionally, mineral owners are unaware of their property’s worth. There are several reasons for this, all anchored in an old opaque system that does not benefit mineral owners. One reason is that any bought or sold mineral property can be legally and publicly documented as sold for $10. This in essence, conceals the buying and selling of mineral rights for public knowledge so that speculators can buy low, sell high and keep overrides hidden from mineral owners and operators. The second reason is that oil and gas minerals are very complex to value. It is based on subsurface valuations of the geology, past and current production, oil prices, nearby deals, and many other factors. Typically mineral owners have to rely on the first person to approach them about their minerals. This is generally in the form of a cash offer, which makes it difficult to question. Even when a mineral owner is approached by several different industry professionals, or landmen, it is not uncommon that they all are working for the same parent company, offering up seemingly “competing” bids, but still for a bargain price. This misleads the mineral owner to believe that they are getting a competitive or good market value for their property. However, in reality these buyers are almost always going to turn around and “flip” the property for much more than the purchased price. It is not unusual that a company, presenting itself to the mineral owner as an operator, flips a property for 5-10 times what it bought it for.

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The key problems in this situation are that mineral owners don’t know the true value of their property or how to market it. Oil & Gas speculators have traditionally benefited from this lack of information and this lack of transparency in deals. LandGate solved these problems by digitizing the valuation process and by creating an online marketplace that connects mineral owners with end-buyers, the latest deals, and oil production data near the property.  Thanks to unique technology, LandGate can offer the resources of large oil companies to any mineral owner. 

LandGate has successfully assisted many mineral owners in getting 2-7 times more than their original offers.

 LandGate has successfully assisted many mineral owners on average four times more than their original best offers by doing several things. The first is that LandGate can provide an expert valuation from a team of geologists and reservoir engineers at no cost while also listing the property on their global-reach website. LandGate can accurately value any mineral asset in minutes instead of months, offering fast, accurate, and very affordable services. Also LandGate has a large reach to mineral buyers through its website featuring free data, its marketing contacts, and its technology enabling to market properties to the best active buyer/lessee in each area.

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LandGate’s appraisal expertise, global-reach website, and large network of buyers are key components for getting better deals. 

When a mineral owner lists on, they get the resources of a large oil company at no upfront cost. LandGate takes a small success-based commission as low as 2%, which makes LandGate’s interests completely aligned with the Mineral Owners to get the best deal possible. The mineral owner can let LandGate’s team of experts market his/her property and still be in complete control of any negotiation and decision. LandGate is an online and open marketplace for competitive bidding with a dedicated team actively marketing each client’s property.


Mineral Rights Deals-Get the Best Offer!

 Mineral owners need to list their property online to expose it to as many potential buyers as possible and competitive bidding. Mineral owners should never take the first offer, and should always strive to market their property to as many interested parties as possible. Marketing your minerals online equals more money and better deals. With free listings, appraisals, and buyer access, is the ideal marketplace to list your mineral asset.


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LandGate strives to bring transparency to the market. Mineral buyers use many tactics to pressure mineral owners to take low offers: “in a week the deal is off the table,” “we will force-pool your property,” “the oil prices are falling,” “the geology in this area isn’t as good,” etc… Mineral owners should not feel pressured by buyers to quickly accept low offers but should get an expert appraisal to be able to market their property at its true value. Mineral owners should also really consider listing their mineral properties online on an authentic marketplace to get them the best deals and the most money. LandGate offers free listings and free insight into current and past oil production for everyone. Even expert appraisals are provided for free if the mineral owner lists their property on the map. To see production in your area, to list, or to view an expert valuation of a listing, just visit

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Written by Jaime Hispa
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