Powder River Basin

Powder River Basin

PRB Horizontal Oil and Gas Production

Earlier in the year, PRB reached a record high for horizontal oil production at nearly 115,000 BOPD.

The previous record was achieved in April of 2015 at over 108,500 BOPD.  Twenty-one months later in January, 2017, HZ oil production had fallen to nearly half of what was seen in 2015.  What will be in store for PRB in 2020?

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Price Drop

Pine Post – Minerals for Lease, 544 Net Acres, Converse County, WY, $300 / Net Acre
Over 4,000 gross mineral acres available for lease in Converse County, Wyoming.  This position provides a great opportunity to secure operatorship between Anschutz and Century Oil and Gas.  The property is located directly in line with the prolific Clareton Muddy Sandstone trend.  The property also lies in possible extensions from Well Draw and Kaye field where Devon as seen very strong recent performance.

Clearmont Grove – Minerals for Lease, 9,752 Net Acres, Sheridan & Johnson County, WY, $200 / Net Acre
Large, contiguous block of minerals available to lease in Johnson and Sheridan counties, Wyoming.  Perfect asset to grow an already existing position or gain entry into the basin.

Pronghorn Point – Leased Minerals for Sale, 43.15 Net Acres, Converse County, WY, $4,250 / Net Acre
Over 1,000 gross acres of leased minerals available for sale in Converse County, Wyoming.  The property is surrounded by prolific HZ wells that have been drilled in Niobrara, Teapot, Turner/Frontier, and Parkman formations.  Property has permits by Oxy and Devon.

Tipper Road – Minerals for Lease, 6,653 Net Acres, Johnson & Sheridan County, WY, $350 / Net Acre
Significant mineral position just north of active permitting area by EOG and Anshchutz in Johnson and Sheridan counties, Wyoming

Reno Road – Minerals for Lease, 3,364 Net Acres, Johnson County, WY, $490 / Net Acre
Minerals available to lease in mature, over-pressured window for Niobrara, Mowry and Belle Fourche source rocks in Johnson County, Wyoming. Located under and near recent Northwoods and Noble permits.

Battle Bluff – Minerals for Lease, 1,568 Net Acres, Johnson County, WY, $430 / Net Acre
Diversified position of mineral ready to be leased in Johnson County, Wyoming.  Located under ATX permits and as close as 1 mile from new HZ production.

Red Hills – Minerals for Lease, 2,360 Net Acres, Johnson County, WY, $500 / Net Acre
Contiguous block of minerals in over-pressured window of PRB in Johnson County, Wyoming.

Duck Creek – Minerals for Lease, 4,320 Net Acres, Niobrara County, WY, $250 / Net Acre
Large block of minerals available for lease a few miles south of Century Oil and Gas

New Listing

Sleepy Hollow –  Leased Minerals for Sale, 80 Net Acres, Campbell County, WY, Make an Offer
80 net leased minerals available for sale in Campbell County, Wyoming.  The property is producing and located in prime Minnelusa fairway and also less than 1 mile away from active horizontal permits by Pine Haven Resources.

New Well

Twenty Mile – Leased Minerals for Sale, 7 Net Acres, Converse County, WY, $12,250 / Net Acre
Oxy recently drilled a very strong Turner/Frontier well directly offsetting the property.  This mineral position has significant mineral reserves in multiple formations and is in a very actively drilled area of the basin  Click here to see single well economics, forecasts and production for free on our marketplace.

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