New Mineral Listings: Permian, Mid-Continent, Rockies, & Appalachia

New Mineral Listings: Permian, Mid-Continent, Rockies, & Appalachia

Hot Deal of the Week

Southern Chalk: Leased Minerals for Sale, La Salle County, TX, 19.95 NMA
Lancer Road #1: Minerals for Lease, Platte County, WY, 1,310 NMA

PetroValues is a free data platform with free access to mineral listings across the United States. Mineral owners are able to list their property and get an expert appraisal from our team of engineers, geologists, landmen, and IT professionals all for free. Industry professionals gain access to legal documents and to economic reports also for free. Our platform has create more efficient and economical deals for both parties.

The following are new mineral listings we’ve had within the last few weeks. Click on the property name to see more detailed information, and to download the full virtual data room.

New Mineral Property Listings


Pyote Highway: Minerals for Lease, Ward County, TX, 80 NMA
Pecos Point Ward TX: Minerals for Lease, Ward County, TX, 10.2 NMA
Cottontop Road: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 25 NMA
Seven Rivers: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 199.93 NMA
West Blevins: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 7 NMA
Fox Street Carlsbad NM: Leased Minerals for Sale, Carlsbad, NM, .21 NMA
North Mesa Carlsbad NM: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, .22 NMA
Loving Townsite NM #2: Leased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, .23 NMA
Cottonwood Loving NM #3: Leased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, .34 NMA


Fort Smith: Leased Minerals for Sale, Sebastian County, AR, 320 NMA
Gage Ellis OK: Minerals for Lease, Ellis County, OK, 160 NMA
Okfuskee Creek OK: Leasehold for Sale, Okfuskee and Creek Counties, OK, 120 NMA
Southgate Enid OK: Leased Minerals for Sale, Garfield County, OK, 20 NMA
Cox City Grady OK: Minerals for Lease, Grady County, OK, 2.67 NMA


Manning Road Converse WY: Leased Minerals for Sale, Converse County, WY, 98.36 NMA
Pronghorn Point: Leased Minerals for Sale, Converse County, WY, 43.15 NMA
Thunder Basin Weston WY: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Weston County, WY, 150 NMA
Cellars Loop Weston WY: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Weston County, WY, 80 NMA
Tongue Terrace: Minerals for Lease, Big Horn & Rosebud Counties, MT, 1,137 NMA
Cedar Pines Weston WY: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Weston County, WY, 83 NMA
Rozet Campbell WY: Leased Minerals for Sale, Campbell County, WY, 34 NMA
Clareton Weston WY: Well Override for Sale, Weston County, WY, 1% Override
Rocky Point Campbell WY: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Campbell County, WY, 140 NMA
Bordeaux Platte WY: Minerals for Lease, Platte County, WY, 1,080 NMA
Laramie River Wheatland WY: Minerals for Lease, Platte County, WY, 3,133.13 NMA

Gulf Coast

Tiger Town: Minerals for Lease, Tangipahoa Parish, LA, 318 NMA
Toro Field Ceaser TX: Minerals for Lease, Bee County, TX, 297 NMA
Riverdale Goliad TX: Minerals for Lease, Goliad County, TX, 392.82 NMA
Freeland Lake Callahan TX: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Callahan County, TX, 8 NMA
Conley Road Grenada MS: Minerals for Lease, Big Horn & Rosebud Counties, MT, 1,137 NMA
Oil Road Hebron MS: Minerals for Lease, Covington County, MS, 36 NMA
Midway Madison TX: Minerals for Lease, Madison County, TX, 31.78 NMA


Misty Meadow: Minerals for Lease, Marion County, WV, 112.47 NMA
Harmon Ridge Monroe OH: Minerals for Lease, Monroe County, OH, 11.89 NMA

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PetroValues Mineral Property Updates

Property Updates


Ash Rural: Leased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 40 NMA
Howard Road: Minerals for Lease, Eddy County, NM, 40 NMA
Howard Road Minerals: Leased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 40 NMA
Harrier Hills #1: Minerals for Lease, Goshen County, WY, 320 NMA
Miners Lane: Leased Minerals for Sale, Marshall County, WV, 2.79 NMA
Loving Town: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Loving County, NM, .1 NMA
Carlsbad Canal: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, 1 NMA
Airport Carlsbad NM #2: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, .5 NMA
Sand Draw: Well Override for Sale, Fremont County, WY, 0.003013% Override


Duck Creek: Minerals for Lease, Niobrara County, WY, 4,320 NMA
Reno Road: Minerals for Lease, Johnson County, WY, 3,364 NMA
Battle Bluff: Minerals for Lease, Johnson County, WY, 1,568 NMA
Pine Post: Minerals for Lease, Converse County, WY, 544 NMA
Tipper Road: Minerals for Lease, Johnson & Sheridan County, WY, 6,653 NMA
Clearmont Grove: Minerals for Lease, Sheridan & Johnson Counties, WY, 9,752 NMA


Hepburn Road: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Bryan County, OK, 45 NMA
Cedar Loving: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy county, NM, 8.41 NMA
Airport Carlsbad NM: Unleased Minerals for Sale, Eddy County, NM, .5 NMA

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