Broker Opportunites

Broker Opportunites

Hello Brokers,

We’ve gotten quite a few inquiries about working with LandGate lately, and we’re happy to report that we have some great opportunities. Even with oil and gas market fluctuations, we’re closing deals daily and making money for our clients and brokers.

We’re an open marketplace for leasing, selling, and buying oil & gas mineral rights (plus additional resources like wind, water and solar). We actively market LandGate listings to thousands of buyers and lessees around the country and help you secure the best deal quickly. Plus we give you access to our extensive data and proprietary valuation service so you have exclusive information on every asset.

As a LandGate Broker, you get commission when your clients’ deals close. It’s significant additional income direct to you, and your clients get the best possible offers. Everyone wins. If you’d like to talk about how you can get started working with LandGate, give us a call at 855-867-3876.


Dan McCue
Vice President, Land
LandGate (formerly PetroValues)


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