University of Texas’ PETEX® Collaborates with LandGate

University of Texas’ PETEX® Collaborates with LandGate

The University of Texas at Austin PETEX® has selected LandGate Corp to conduct classes for professionals beginning in 2021, teaching Energy Resource Fundamentals.

PETEX®, a unit of the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas, is the worldwide leader in professional energy training.  PETEX® is responsible for training over 700,000 oil and gas industry professionals over the past 76 years, and has now expanded their Landmen course offerings to support other energy sectors. This collaboration solidifies LandGate’s position as the experts and leading platform for land resources.

LandGate is a data intelligence and marketplace for land resources like oil, gas, solar and wind energy. On LandGate’s free website, tasks that formerly required time-consuming manual labor, costly subscriptions to multiple databases and software, can now be done at no cost and in seconds. Agents, energy professionals and landowners can access maps and information based on a wide variety of search criteria including formations, production, well operators and more. LandGate offers better access to data on land resources, easier access to the best deals, and digitized valuations. “On LandGate, sellers sell for more and buyers buy for less,” says Yoann Hispa, CEO of LandGate. 

The new PETEX® and LandGate course will cover the determination and complications of property rights ownership, transactions, and how these resources are valued.  Landmen and Real Estate agents can earn significant income from commission on the sale or lease of property rights. Petroleum and Renewable Energy professionals will benefit from understanding these complex transactions and how to value them.  This course will prepare industry professionals for the rapidly changing energy markets and for its digitization that benefits both buyers/developers and sellers/lessors.  The class, Energy Resource Fundamentals, will be taught by leading experts in land resource management and valuations beginning in February 2021. The instructors include PETEX® author Dan McCue and his colleague Yoann Hispa, respectively VP of Land and CEO at LandGate. 

“Having served the oil and gas sector for over 75 years, it is a great opportunity for PETEX® to expand our land and leasing training by teaming up with Landgate” said Dr. Eric Roe, Executive Director of PETEX® and Assistant Dean of Continuing Education at UT Austin’s Cockrell School for Engineering. “The entire spectrum of energy resource valuation is critical for land professionals to understand when making investment decisions. This new course addresses this critical need.”

“I have enjoyed teaching Oil and Gas Leasing and Petroleum Fundamentals at PETEX® for the past 26 years.  Without a doubt, their ability to coordinate and facilitate these classes is second to none!  I am excited to be a part of a new class customized to include renewable energy”, said Dan McCue.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new course!

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