Tina Peters – An Agent for LandGate

Tina Peters – An Agent for LandGate

LandGate is starting a new series highlighting our amazing clients and affiliates. 

Tina Peters is nothing short of amazing. 

She is a fourth generation landowner and farmer of Farm Heritage Inc., and she has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field.  Her years of experience include conducting, managing, and providing oversight of well installations for assessment activities, environmental studies, and remedial clean-up. She is a female Licensed Well Driller in Florida and Mississippi and is a 2018 GRIT award winner for being a leader in the energy industry. She has also owned and operated Mallard Inc. for 24 years, which is a full service environmental and agriculture consulting business. Above everything else, she has an incredible sense of humor and makes every conversation interesting.

Believing she was called to her profession because of her birth and upbringing on a rural farm, she was taught the importance of being fruitful, the importance of clean pure water, and good soil. She has an immense respect for the land and all of the different uses for it.

Tina Peters became an agent for LandGate because she felt it was a good addition to her skillset and something her clients could benefit from. She has personally seen landowners be taken advantage of and wants to help her clients make extra income to support their farms and ranches without having to sell their land. 

Tina is a Florida native and will be helping clients in this area understand the true value of their resources. She has unequivocal experience in land and property management. If you would like to reach out to Tina to talk to her about your resources like mineral rights, solar rights, wind rights, or water rights, please reach out to her through here. 


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