LandGate Remembers Mountain Man Timber Jack Joe

LandGate Remembers Mountain Man Timber Jack Joe

An oil and gas prospect called Bone Pile was listed for sale on The mineral rights rest below a property by the name of Lynde Ranch in Campbel Co, WY. On this property was born a legend, they called him Timber Jack Joe, the modern-day mountain man.

Timber Jack Joe- Modern Mountain Man

Timber Jack Joe, or Joseph Lynde, and his dog Tuffy were known for making quite the entrance. At rodeos, the legend and his canine sidekick would make their way into the arena tandem on Joe’s Appaloosa horse. The famous duo made national news appearing in paintings, newspaper articles, movies, and tv shows. They were also a local treasure, an annual staple at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Joe had a beloved skunk named Sweetness and when she passed he wore her hyde on his head, a tribute to his stinky friend. (she was de-musked actually) A lifetime lover of animals, Timber Jack Joe started herding sheep at age six and began accompanying his father hunting and trapping at a young age.

Beyond being an animal lover, Timber Jack Joe’s obituary remembers he “brought joy and happiness to everyone’s life that he touched.” He was a friend of the Native Americans, who awarded him with the name Grey Eagle and adorned him with many artifacts he treasured throughout his life.

Timber Jack Joe has undoubtedly left his mark on history as a kind, nature-loving embodiment of everything we love about the West. In fact, some might say he is straight out of a film. We’d like to watch that film! Timber Jack Joe passed while in the mountains and his son said on the day he died he told a coworker, “It was nice to be able to come up here and see the mountains one last time.” Timber Jack Joe was a mountain man through and through.

Lynde Ranch has been held by the family for 80 years and 6299.73 net acres of mineral rights beneath the historic ranch are for sale on We are honored to work with an amazing family who has unmatched stories of a historic family member, mountain man Timber Jack Joe.

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