Solar LandEstimate™ Now Live on Map

Solar LandEstimate™ Now Live on Map

LandGate has just released its latest feature and tool, a Solar LandEstimate™ for all parcels in the US. You can now view your property’s solar worth for free.

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What is a LandEstimate™?

A LandEstimate™ is LandGate’s version of Zillow’s Zestimate, except it’s more accurate. It is a valuation of your property’s worth in solar resources. The LandEstimate™ for solar rights is derived from using solar irradiance data, incidence angles, topography, distance to substations, electricity prices, government incentives, revenues, and cost of production in your area. LandGate’s proprietary process provides the most accurate evaluation of your property in the solar market today.

Why would I need a LandEstimate™?

Landowners need a free third-party valuation of their property so that they can determine the best options for themselves and their families. Resource developers and middle-men have a history of taking advantage of landowners because of the lack of quality information publicly available. With LandGate’s free LandEstimates™, landowners can make the best decisions for themselves and their family’s legacies by doing their own research on their properties and comparing all of their land’s resources for free. Currently LandGate has the LandEstimate™ for oil and gas mineral rights and solar rights with wind, water, and mined mineral resources coming soon! Regardless, you can view resource data and listings for free for all of our resources on our map. You can also use the LandEstimate™ as a starting point for leasing or selling your property rights for extra income. Go to our map to view current listings and to compare those near your property!

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How do I get my LandEstimate™?

Take a few simple steps to find your property and see your Solar LandEstimate™.

  1. Search for your property on our map using your city, county name, or zip code. Note that we do not encourage using an address in rural areas.


  1. Locate your parcel


  1. Click for more details. 


If you are interested in making income from your solar rights contact us to learn more or select the “Create Listing” button. You may also claim ownership to get free expert insight into your property! Just click on the, “Do you own this property?” link in your parcel view.

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