April Solar and Wind Newsletter- New Listings and Free Data

April Solar and Wind Newsletter- New Listings and Free Data

Expansion of Solar Farms In the U.S.

How many solar farms are built every year in the US? Find out how the capacity, acreage, and production of solar farms has evolved with time.

The United States is experiencing a massive boom in solar energy. Political, corporate and private interest groups have all taken steps to ensure renewable energy projects continue to be developed throughout the country… read more.

Property Updates

Corn Creek #1 – Sold – Solar: This 1,200 acre property was just recently leased for solar energy development in Goshen County, Wyoming. The property has three separate regional transmission lines (345kV x2, 230 x1) that all originate from the nearby Laramie River coal-fired powerplant.  The transmission lines are operated by Tri-State who has committed to a 80% carbon reduction in the coming years. There are roughly 3,820 additional acres of neighboring property available for additional leasing (Corn Creek #2).

Hot Deal of the Month

Pecos Trail – Solar and Wind:  657 acres available for renewable energy leasing in Reeves and Pecos Counties, Texas. The property lies within 5 miles of 187.7MW of producing solar energy. A transmission line lies directly over the top of the property and the Barilla Junction substation is a few hundred yards to the northwest. The property is flat, accessible and is ideal for solar or wind energy development.

Pecos Trail Listing

Featured Solar & Wind Listings



  • Weld County – 415 acres available for solar energy leasing directly adjacent to a 138kV transmission line in Weld County, Colorado.


  • Corn Creek #2 – Solar and Wind: 3,820 contiguous acres in Goshen County, WY available for renewable energy development. The property is directly adjacent to several high-capacity transmission lines and a recent 1,200 acre solar lease.




  • Wingham – 169 total acres of land available for solar development in Grady County, Georgia. The properties are very close to two transmission lines, one at 230 kV and the other at 115 kV. The property is also less than a mile away from a 115 kV substation.
  • Ervin Road Statesboro – 114.59  acres
  • Vidalia – 80 acres


  • Mud River – Approximately 180 acres of land available for solar and wind development in Lewisburg, Kentucky. The property is right next to a 161 kV transmission line.



North Carolina:


New York:

  • Altona – 243 acres of buildable land available for wind and solar. Land is across the street from a 115 kV transmission line. The property is also about a mile away from a 115 kV substation.





New Mexico:

  • SKL Property – 320 acres total of grassland divided into 2 quarters available for solar and wind development. There is a 345 kV electrical substation approximately 1 mile from the land location. The land also has a 69 kV transmission line directly above the property.
  • Luna County – 160 acres




  • Davis Creek – Approximately 52 acres of farmland available for solar and wind development in Davis Creek California. Down the road from the property is a 115 kV substation and a 115 kV transmission line.
  • Antelope Acres Fairmont – 10 acres
  • West Needles – 10 acres




South Dakota:

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