July Renewables Newsletter- New Deals and Updates

July Renewables Newsletter- New Deals and Updates

Coming Soon – Solar PowerVal
Plan & Evaluate Any Solar Project in Minutes

On August 30th, 2021, LandGate will release Solar PowerVal, an all-in-one online engineering software to help project developers and energy investors plan commercial solar projects and evaluate their economics. LandGate’s Solar PowerVal platform will allow you to design, plan, and evaluate future developments of solar farms in minutes. You will also be able to run economics of groups of existing solar farms. Solar PowerVal is fully automated with solar farm data, engineering, and economics.

The platform will include conditioned solar farm data, historical production, localized LMPs, local/state incentives, topography, exclusion zones, 3D solar irradiance, location-specific capital costs, operating costs, and PPAs for existing and future farms. Automatically build new solar farm outlines based on exclusions and setbacks, use the built-in economic parameters or adjust them, print a full economic report and feasibility study in seconds, and run price sensitivities. The platform will save you significant time and money and includes full engineering support. Contact LandGate for more information.

Solar PowerVal from LandGate on tabletContact Us

Hot Deal of the Month

Solar Rent in New Woodstock, NY – Solar Rent of $6,500 per year with a 2% yearly escalator available for a solar farm in New Woodstock, NY that is set to be completed by 2022. The lease is set to last 25 years. The land being leased for solar is 25 acres +- 2.5 acres. The Solar farm developer is TJA Clean Energy LLC.

Featured Solar & Wind Listings


  • Prewitt Solar: 640 acres available in McKinley, New Mexico
  • Longboat Hinkley CA – Solar: Over 400 acres next to the Longboat Solar Farm in Hinkley, CA
  • Hobbs 20 NM – Solar: 110 acres available in Lea County, New Mexico
  • Kern Edwards CA – Solar: 82 acres in Kern County, California
  • Dateland – Solar: 40 acres available in Yuma County, Arizona
  • Energy Lancaster CA – Solar: 10 acres available next to a solar farm in Lancaster, CA
  • Aqueduct Llano CA – Solar & Wind: 10 acres in Los Angeles County, California


  • Honey Grove – Solar & Wind: Over 405 acres in Fannin County, Texas
  • Big Willow Creek – Solar: 295 acres in Robertson County, Texas
  • Cornudas – Solar: 120 acres in Hudspeth County, Texas
  • Mitchell Loraine TX – Solar & Wind: Over 106 acres available in Mitchell County, Texas
  • Pecan Gap – Solar & Wind: Over 88 acres in Fannin County, Texas
  • Flat Holliday TX – Solar & Wind: 80 acres in Archer County, Texas
  • Wolfe City – Solar & Wind: Over 65 acres in Fannin County, Texas


  • Paradise Way Washoe NV – Solar & Wind: 554.5 acres available in Washoe County, Nevada
  • Alamosa 2S CO – Solar & Wind: 41 acres available in Alamosa County, Colorado
  • Beryl Milfod Beryl UT – Solar & Wind: 20 acres in Iron, Utah


  • Iowa River Riverside – Solar & Wind: 435 acres in Washington County Iowa
  • Ashby Wamego KS – Solar & Wind: 80 acres in Pottawatomie County, KS
  • Montague Property: Solar & Wind: Over 30 acres in Montague, Michigan


  • Masonic Millen GA – Solar: 600 acres in Jenkins County, Georgia
  • Center Cross – Solar & Wind: Over 240 acres in Essex County, Virginia
  • Batesburg – Solar: 115 acres available in Saluda County, South Carolina
  • Bryant Family Farm: Solar & Wind: 97 acres available in Jones County, North Carolina
  • Magnolia Hampton SC – Solar: 60 acres in Hampton, SC with a substation on the property
  • Chatuge Lake – Solar: 55 acres in Clay County, North Carolina
  • Columbia VA Solar: About 35 acres available in Fluvanna County, Virginia
  • Naylor Dunn NC – Solar: Just under 30 acres in Sampson County, NC


  • Neighbors Rd – Solar & Wind: Over 200 acres in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland
  • Wilson Farm – Solar: 95 acres in Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  • Black Hill Plainfield CT – Solar: 60 acres in Windham County, Connecticut
  • Richardson Wayne NY – Solar & Wind: 30 acres available in Wayne County, New York

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