September Oil & Gas Newsletter- New Deals and Updates

September Oil & Gas Newsletter- New Deals and Updates

Oil & Gas Technology Update

LandGate has added a fully automated upside modeling tool within oil & gas PowerVal. Users can now click a button and automatically infill future drilling locations. The system will predefine all economic data. LandGate’s PowerVal is the only fully automated oil & gas data, engineering, and economics platform.

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Hot Deal of the Month

Premiere Wattenberg Overriding Royalty Interest – Huge activity update on the best opportunity to purchase producing oil and gas overrides along with over 68 DUC locations coming online in the next 12 months. The property is currently producing over $100,000/month from PDP and has two pads (Great Western) that are currently flowing back. Civitas has moved a rig onto location to drill and case the remaining well slots which will be followed immediately by a completions crew.

Oil & Gas Listings




  • Eddy County ORRI – ORRI equivalent to approx. 48.331 NRA in Eddy County, NM producing from 2 Hz. Wolfcamp, 1 Hz. Bone Springs  & 11 vertical wells operated by Matador. Pay stubs averaging for $7,000/month over past 4 months. 6 active Hz. permits.
  • Brunson Glasscock TX – ORRI equivalent to 63.82 net royalty acres producing from 4 vertical wells directly offsetting highly productive Hz. Spraberry & Wolfcamp available for purchase in Glasscock County, Texas.
  • Eddy County OXY WI – Working Interest for sale in two units operated by OXY, located in the west half of 23S – 28E – Section 10 of Eddy County, NM.
  • SW Eddy ORRI – ORRI available for purchase in 23S – 26E Section 21 (W/2) in Eddy County, New Mexico operated by Chisholm Energy with a 0.0068750 decimal ORRI over 320 acres.
  • Cypress State Reeves County Minerals – 5 net mineral acres available to purchase or lease in Reeves County, TX.

Gulf Coast:

  • Lake Palestine – Over 1,000 acres available for leasing with neighboring producing wells in Smith County, TX.
  • Bexar County – 380 net mineral acres of unleashed minerals for sale.
  • Poteet Minerals – 380 net mineral acres for sale near Poteet, TX.
  • Jourdanton Minerals – over 400 acres of unleased minerals are available in Atascosa County, Texas.
  • Beaumont Minerals – Over 900 acres of unleashed minerals for sale in Jefferson County, TX.


  • Alex Oklahoma – 13 net acres with production from 13 horizontal wells in Grady County, OK.
  • Marlow OK – O&G – 5 NMA for Sale in Stephens County Oklahoma.
  • Wetumka, OK – Minerals – 7.7084 NMA in S7 T9N R11E, Hughes County, Oklahoma.
  • Wheeler County ORRI – ORRI producing from 3 units located in Wheeler County, TX operated by Kaiser Francis and Blackbeard Operating.


  • Weld Grover CO – 13 net mineral acres available for leasing in Weld County, CO.

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