How to Add Your Listings on LandGate (in Less Than 5 Minutes)

How to Add Your Listings on LandGate (in Less Than 5 Minutes)

Did you know that you can easily list properties for lease or sale on our platform for free?

Our listing process consists of five easy steps once you’ve selected a parcel. 

  1. Sign in & Select Your Parcels to List
  2. Select Additional Parcels or Custom Draw
  3. Select Resources to List
  4. Create the Listing Description
  5. Upload Documents

Get Started

1.  Sign up for a free LandGate account or sign-in to your existing account.

Then, find one of the parcels you want to list by searching for the address, county, town, or zip code: 


*Note that if the property does not have an address or is in a rural area, it may be easier to locate by scrolling and zooming on our map looking for land features.

Next, select your desired parcel by clicking it:

Select Your Parcel on LandGate

Click the “Create Listing” button in the top left of the parcel page:

Click Create Listing Button on LandGate Parcel View

Note: If an ownership claim has not already been made, you will be asked to claim ownership on behalf of the client during the listing process.


2. Select Additional Parcels or Custom Draw: You can add additional parcels by clicking “Add/Edit/Remove Property Outlines”:

Add Additional Parcels by Selecting or Drawing on the LandGate Map

3. Select Resources to List: For each resource you may choose whether you would like to lease or sell.

Choose from Solar, Wind, Carbon, Water, or Minerals to List on LandGate4. Create the Listing Description: Add a title to the listing, confirm the listing type, and add details to describe the listing. You may decrease the net acres that you would actually like to list for lease or sale if you do not want to put the entire property. The asking price is also adjustable. It is defaulted to 80% of our expert’s evaluation (the LandEstimate™). You also have the option to not have an asking price and list as, “Make an Offer.” The total asking price will be seen below and it is calculated by multiplying the asking price by the amount of acreage.  

Listing Description on LandGate

5. Upload Documents and Add Additional Information: You will see that you may add legal documents and the dropdown of options is seen below. More documents increase your chances for leasing or selling. Depending on the resource, you can add information about the transmission lines, substations, and power plants in the area. For carbon, you can add how many tons of carbon dioxide the property is predicted to offset on an annual basis.

The following documents are suggested for LandGate Marketplace listings:

Optional Documents for Listing on LandGate

Once it has been posted, you can review and distribute your new LandGate listing via your own social media channels and network. Then, sit back, relax, and watch the offers roll in!

Get Started

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