Wind Rights Value

Wind Rights Value

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Can LandGate tell me the value of wind rights on my land?

LandGate provides your potential dividend for a wind farm. It is a valuation of your property’s worth in wind resources. To see your potential dividend, you can simply claim ownership of your property on our map.

Learn more about leasing your land for wind turbines.

What factors go into how valuable my land is for wind energy?

There are a lot of factors that go into what you will be paid when you lease land for wind. The potential dividend for wind rights is derived from using metrics like distance to transmission lines and substations, average wind velocity, topography, property size, ease of access to your property, current and future demand for electricity, state and federal incentives, and more.

How long will the wind turbines be on my land?

The lifespan of new generation wind turbines is 20-25 years. From the time you sign the initial wind farm lease agreement, you could have a 30-40 year relationship with the wind farm developer.

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