How does it work?

The engineers, geologists and landmen at LandGate have created an innovative, proprietary way to conduct valuations on oil and gas mineral assets. Using industry-leading technology and extensive data, along with more than 100 years of combined valuation experience, our team can offer you the fastest and most accurate appraisal for your assets.

  • Accurate, PE Certified Appraisals
  • IRS and SEC Compliant
  • Fast: Completed in a Few Hours
  • Expert Team of Geologists, Engineers and Landmen
  • Costs start at $2,000
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Market Appraisal Value

If you need a PE certified market value appraisal of an asset for inheritance, donation, or tax purposes, we can help. Our appraisal reports were developed with Eide Bailly (tax accounting firm) to meet IRS requirements. Market value appraisals of mineral assets are very complex; as the ownership and geology of each property making up an asset are each unique, it’s impossible to use a comparison approach alone to obtain a market value of an oil and gas asset. Traditional appraisals provide only a reserves report that then requires a "fudge factor" to convert to a market value. Through our valuation experience, LandGate developed an income approach combined with a comparison approach where we use recent operators' sales to calibrate the risking factors of the future cash flows based on their reserves categories. See a sample of the appraisal report and supporting files here.

Reserves Report

Contact our team of industry experts to obtain a PE certified reserves report of your asset for SEC reserves reporting or reserve based lending (RBL). See a sample of the reserves report and supporting files here.

Economic Valuation Report

It’s important to have an economic valuation of your asset to market it, see if you received a good offer, or run sensitivity analysis. LandGate combines big data analytics and automation with conventional engineered valuation methods. This updated method increases efficiency and accuracy. See a sample of the economic valuation report and supporting files here.

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