Premier Buyer - Get Pre-Market Deals

Stop wasting money cold-calling or snail-mailing leads like hundreds of other buyers. LandGate offers you early notifications of new solar listings from willing sellers on LandGate’s marketplace. Place an ad in front of sellers for instant credibility. Save significant time and money by reducing your asset acquisition costs and connect directly with sellers who have actual properties they want to sell.

Why Become a Premier Buyer?

  • Send automated offers to pre-market new listings matching your buy criteria
  • Be the first to access actual deals, not just leads with sellers/lessors ready to close
  • Save Time & Money
    • Lower your acquisition costs, no need to spend sourcing leads
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How It Works?

  • Set up your buy criteria and area of interest
  • Submit automatic offers to 5 active sellers per month and be the first to start the negotiation pre-market
  • Your company ad will be featured to 5 active sellers posting new listings matching your buy criteria
  • Receive exclusive alerts to 5 new listings before they get marketed
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