Leverage your network- We do the work, you lead

LandGate works with real estate agents around the country who leverage their relationships to earn significant income by connecting landowners to LandGate’s marketplace. Earn up to 5% in commission by helping landowners lease or sell their mineral, solar, wind, and other property rights. We do the hard work of appraising, listing, and marketing, verifying title, closing. You just have to connect us with landowners.

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  • Earn up to 5% commission
  • No effort, No expertise needed
  • LandGate Experts work for you
  • Bring a great value to your clients
  • Tell them what their property is worth
  • Free listing
  • Landowners sell or lease on average for 5x more
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What do you have to do?

Just connect us with landowners

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What does LandGate do for you?

  1. Professional Appraisal
    • Our industry experts prepare a Valuation Report
  2. Data Intelligence
    • We help present nearby activities to landowners
  3. Ownership verification
    • We help landowners understand what they own
  4. Signing up your client
    • We help you sign up landowners
  5. Listing
    • We prepare the listing material
  6. Largest Network of Buyers
    • We market the property and negotiate following your lead
  7. Title Verification
    • We verify Title Work
  8. Closing
    • We assist in the closing
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Who makes the decisions?

We advise, you and the landowner accept or reject offers

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Real Estate Agents


Become a certified Land Resource Agent through our optional certificate program for free.

How to List Property Rights with LandGate

  • LandGate will provide data intelligence to real estate agent to help focus their efforts, including:
    • Identify and communicate high value locations for mineral and land resources.
    • Provide marketing messages to mineral and landowners based on property type and market. The value, activity, and the type of properties and locations change frequently.
    • Blog content specific to mineral and land resources in the area, operator/developer’s activities to keep you in the know.
    • LandEstimate of resources to show the client what they could be making on their property rights which is primarily available at landgate.com.
Estimated timing: Up to agent

But data intelligence will be valid only for a short period of time, and will need to be updated again

  • LandGate will guide agents to active areas with land resources.
  • Agents will find willing sellers/lessors.
  • LandGate’s land experts will help you talk with the landowner, discuss estimates of the land resource and activities nearby.
Estimated timing: 1 week
  • Landowner provides a legal description of the property to the agent.
  • If unsure that the legal description is correct, agents can check with LandGate.
  • Signed listing agreement between client and LandGate to list property rights.
  • Agent sends a listing agreement with legal description to LandGate.
Estimated timing: 1 week

(depending on the size, location, and ownership complexity of the property)

  • LandGate works on the legal description of the property.
  • LandGate might request additional information from client through agent.
  • LandGate and/or agent builds the land resource listing with associated buyers economics.
  • Agent (with LandGate support) reviews the valuation of the property with the client.
Estimated timing: A few days to 1 year

(depending on commodity prices, the size & location of the property, and client’s specific requests)

  • With the client’s and agent’s approval, LandGate activates the listing and markets the property on its Marketplace with global reach to mineral and land resources buyers.
  • LandGate receives offers from potential land resource buyers or lessees during the marketing period.
Estimated timing: Up to client
  • LandGate maintains continuous communication with the agent about the offers received during the marketing period.
  • LandGate provides recommendations to agents.
  • Agent communicates offers to client(s) who can accept, reject, or counteroffer.
  • LandGate makes counteroffers if applicable.
  • Client selects the best offer for their property rights.
Estimated timing: Approx. 1-3 weeks after accepting best offer

(depending on the size, location, and ownership complexity of the property)

  • VERY COMPLEX process that requires subject matter expertise.
  • This service is a tremendous added-value offered to the client to protect the client’s interests.
  • Often, a buyer will try to slide in clauses that would allow them to lock in their option to purchase the property, while leaving legal language that would let them walk away anytime without a penalty.
  • LandGate is very familiar with buyer’s tactics and uses standard forms to avoid the addition of these clauses.
  • Buyer will often try to reintroduce their language in LandGate’s standard forms, hence the need of LandGate experts to negotiate these clauses directly with buyers.
  • Buyer might also try to introduce language in the PSA / letter of intent to renegotiate the price per acre after title work is complete. LandGate is familiar with these standard buyer’s tactics and will help create a fair agreement.
Estimated timing: Approx. 1-3 weeks after accepting best offer

(depending on the size, location, and ownership complexity of the property)

  • VERY COMPLEX process that requires subject matter expertise.
  • This service is a tremendous added-value offered to the client to protect the client’s interests.
  • LandGate negotiates the lease agreement and surface use agreement for the land resources with the selected lessee; LandGate continuously communicates progress to the agent and integrates client’s requests passed on to the agent.
  • Client is welcome to hire an attorney that can review and provide legal counsel to the client regarding the lease agreement and the surface use agreement; LandGate can refer the client to a list of independent local attorneys at client’s request.
    • Important Note to the Agent: Statistically when an attorney is involved, the sale’s process takes 3-4 times longer.
Estimated timing: 1-6 weeks after lease or purchase agreement is signed
  • Due diligence is buyer’s or lessee’s responsibility including any expenses associated with due diligence.
  • LandGate facilitates the buyer’s due diligence by providing material, and makes sure it doesn’t take too long.
  • Buyer orders title work from a mineral/land title company working for the buyer.
  • Sometimes title work comes back describing a lower net ownership than what the client thought they owned, in which case the purchase agreement accounts for adjustments to the purchase price accordingly.
  • Often buyers try to slide in a smaller ownership, paying less, while still purchasing all the properties that client owns.
  • LandGate will help verify the title work done by the buyer's contractor.
Estimated timing: Approx. 1 week after due diligence period
  • LandGate will instruct the agent to have the client sign (and notarize) the Deed, Lease Agreement or SUA.
  • Agents will scan the Deed, Lease Agreement or SUA, uploaded to LandGate’s listing.
  • The buyer will obtain the copy of the signed documents, while the originals are held in escrow by agent/LandGate.
  • Agent will hold onto these documents and send to the buyer only after the closing. (when payments have been received)
  • Buyer will prepare closing statements. LandGate will offer standard closing forms to the buyer.
  • LandGate will verify the closing statement.
  • Typically the buyer does the closing, but LandGate can offer closing companies if requested by the client.
  • Closing on the property rights.
  • Receipt of payment of the lease bonus or sale proceeds.
  • LandGate will give instructions to the agent on where to send the original copies of the signed documents.