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LandGate works with Brokers around the country who leverage their relationships to earn significant income by connecting landowners to LandGate’s marketplace. Highly motivated individuals may sign up as an independent Broker and take advantage of the financial benefits. There is a way to list any property with exclusive or nonexclusive options. LandGate provides referral fees or a more hands on option to Brokers who want to help land owners.

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Landgate pricing is transparent: we take no overrides, no royalties and we get you the best visibility to the best buyers or lessees.


Success Fee

Bring Clients to LandGate
Receive Marketplace Advantages
Support the Process

  • Free Listing
  • Professional Appraisal & Presentation
  • Professional Marketing
  • Broker/Owner Accepts or Rejects Offers
  • Professional Advisory

Example Commission

3% Broker Commission

3% Landgate Commission


Listing Fee

We Provide the Platform,
You Market & Negotiate.

  • You Manage Your Property Details & Presentations
  • You Negotiate With Buyers
  • Broker/Owner Accepts or Rejects Offers