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Lease, buy or sell solar rights and royalties

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Oil & Gas

Lease, buy, or sell mineral rights, royalties, overrides, and working interests

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Lease, buy, or sell wind rights and royalties

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Lease, buy or sell water rights and water shares

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Lease or sell land rights for mining

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Discover the value of your land and maximize profits by listing on LandGate’s transparent marketplace. Sellers or lessors receive a free professional appraisal and have experts working to get you the best deal and terms. Like a real estate agent, LandGate receives a small success-based commission at closing. Get the most buyers looking at your property and open the gate for better opportunities and income. Join the #1 property rights marketplace in the country.

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Energy Investors

Find your next opportunity on LandGate’s marketplace. Most properties include a valuation report so that you can confidently make offers on various properties without consuming in-house resources. Land is a tangible asset that offers significant tax saving benefits and significant return on investment. Browse listings today or check out LandGate’s data intelligence platform to automate your valuation process.

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Real Estate Professionals

LandGate works with Real Estate Professionals around the country who leverage their relationships to earn significant income by connecting landowners to LandGate’s marketplace. Highly motivated individuals may sign up as an independent Broker and take advantage of the financial benefits. There is a way to list any property with exclusive or nonexclusive options. LandGate provides referral fees or a more hands on option to Real Estate Professionals who want to help land owners.

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Get an Accurate Appraisal of your Land Resources

Appraisal of Mineral and Property Rights for IRS, Inheritance, Reserves reporting, or for your lease/sale negotiations. From $2,000

Subscriptions, Deals, Data, Mapping, Engineering, Economics

The only fully automated oil & gas data, economics, and deals platform. SImplified, automated, fast and reliable, discover the value of oil and gas assets in a matter of minutes. From $400/month

Corporate Services

Divestment & Valuation Services

LandGate is a technology enabled marketplace designed to handle divestment and valuation services for Oil and Gas assets.