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Leasing/Buying Process

  • Client provides legal description of the property to LandGate
  • Brokerage agreement between client and LandGate
  • LandGate works on the legal description of the property
  • LandGate builds the property on the website
  • LandGate completes an appraisal of the property
  • LandGate reviews the appraisal of the property with the client
  • With the client’s approval, LandGate lists and markets the property on our marketplace
  • LandGate receives offers from potential lessees or buyers during the marketing period
  • LandGate maintains a continuous communication with the client about the offers received during the marketing period
  • LandGate makes counteroffers if applicable
  • LandGate presents the offers and its recommendation to the client
  • Client selects the best offer
  • LandGate negotiates the lease or buying agreement with selected lessee or buyer; LandGate continuously communicates progress to the client and integrates client’s requests
  • Client is welcome to hire an attorney that can review and provide legal counsel to the client regarding the lease/buy agreement; LandGate can refer the client to a list of independent local attorneys at client’s request
  • Due diligence is lessee’s responsibility including any expense
    • Closing
    • Payment


    It may not be. It's important to get an appraisal of your mineral value before you accept any offer to confirm you're getting the best possible price for your assets. Fill out the free appraisal form at the top of this page and get an accurate valuation so you know exactly what your minerals are worth.

    Mineral rights ownership on a property is often different than surface ownership. You can check who owns the mineral rights under your land at your country clerk's office. If you need help determining mineral rights ownership, let us know and we'll work with you.

    Geology is key, your neighbor's rock may be different. A nearby sales or lease price is not a measure of what your minerals are worth. Rather, geology is a key driver in mineral value. Geology can change drastically within a short distance, which means different mineral value. Although many lease offers are based on royalty checks, know that this is not an accurate way to value mineral acreage. Do not allow a neighboring sales price to impact your negotiations.

    Previous royalty checks are not a measure of how much your minerals are worth in the future. Calculations of royalty payments are based off of your interest in the revenues from producing wells. Calculations of payments are from historic production, however, future value can radically change with commodity prices and drilling activity which depends on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and worldwide economics.

    Forced Pooling (sometimes called Statutory or Compulsory Pooling) is a legal mechanism that allows operators to drill wells when they are unable to get 100% of the mineral interest owners to commit to support the drilling of a well. Forced pooling is most often NOT in the best interest of the mineral owner. If you've received communication threatening this, seek help right away. If you'd like to talk with oil & gas industry experts, we're here to help. Learn more about forced pooling here.

    Yes, oil and gas minerals are still valuable right now. We close deals for our clients daily. In any market it's best to understand the true value of your minerals before accepting an offer. That's why we start with an accurate appraisal; our clients have the same information as oil and gas industry professionals regarding the value of their mineral rights. We also market your listing to many lessees/buyers so you get more offers on your mineral rights.

    If you're in one of the states (like New Mexico) that is putting tighter regulations in place, it may serve you best to consider selling your mineral rights now. If you'd like to determine the current value of your mineral rights, reach out for a free appraisal and we can provide you the information you need to decide.

    A lease bonus is a one-time payment made to you, the mineral owner, on a per/acre basis at the time the lease is signed. Royalty is a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of production paid monthly to the Mineral Owner. Historically, royalty retained by the Mineral Owner in the lease has ranged between 12.5% to 25%. The lower royalty you retain in the lease, the higher net revenue retained by the operator. As an example, if you retain a 25% royalty, the operator could pay 100% of the cost to drill, complete and market the production and retain 75% of the revenue interest. If you retain a 12.5% royalty, the operator retains 87.5% of the revenue and recovers its investment much faster. Operators prefer to drill on leases with a lower royalty. So, accepting a lower royalty and taking more cash in lease bonus could increase the chance your minerals get drilled. Some mineral owners could receive a much higher lease bonus if they retain a lower royalty. Royalty is only received IF a well is drilled and IF it is completed as a producer. If a well is drilled and is a dry hole, or if a well is never drilled, the mineral owner could be very happy to have received a higher lease bonus. You can learn more about lease bonus and royalty here, or if you'd like to review your property specifically, reach out and we will review your mineral rights with you.

    Definitely not! Deadlines on a purchase offer are a pressure sales tactic and they often result in a low sales price. Keep calm in this situation, and don’t allow the urgency to impact your better decision making process. Professional interactions should involve clear communication with room for questions and flexibility within agreements. Read more negotiation tips here, or contact us if you want a free appraisal and to list on a fair marketplace.

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