Data Intelligence & Marketplace for Land Resources

  • We provide a fast & accurate appraisal of your water resources.
  • We market your listing to thousands of prospective lessees & buyers.
  • We present you with top offers for your land resources.
  • You choose what offer to accept for your water rights.
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Success Stories

Leasing/Buying Process

  • Client provides legal description of the property to LandGate
  • Brokerage agreement between client and LandGate
  • LandGate works on the legal description of the property
  • LandGate builds the property on the website
  • LandGate completes an appraisal of the property
  • LandGate reviews the appraisal of the property with the client
  • With the client’s approval, LandGate lists and markets the property on our marketplace
  • LandGate receives offers from potential lessees or buyers during the marketing period
  • LandGate maintains a continuous communication with the client about the offers received during the marketing period
  • LandGate makes counteroffers if applicable
  • LandGate presents the offers and its recommendation to the client
  • Client selects the best offer
  • LandGate negotiates the lease or buying agreement with selected lessee or buyer; LandGate continuously communicates progress to the client and integrates client’s requests
  • Client is welcome to hire an attorney that can review and provide legal counsel to the client regarding the lease/buy agreement; LandGate can refer the client to a list of independent local attorneys at client’s request
  • Due diligence is lessee’s responsibility including any expense
    • Closing
    • Payment

    Available Land Resources


    Lease, buy or sell solar rights and royalties

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    Oil & Gas

    Lease, buy, or sell mineral rights, royalties, overrides, and working interests

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    Lease, buy, or sell wind rights and royalties

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    Lease, buy or sell water rights and water shares

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    Lease or sell land rights for mining

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