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  • We provide a fast & accurate appraisal of your water resources.
  • We market your listing to thousands of prospective lessees & buyers.
  • We present you with top offers for your land resources.
  • You choose what offer to accept for your water rights.
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Success Stories

Water Rights Leasing Process

  • Landowner looks up property on LandGate, and determines the potential value of their water rights, and any other resource they are interested in
  • Landowner can partner with a broker to help build a full land report for their property
  • Landowner, or broker, puts together a listing on the LandGate (website/marketplace)
  • Landowners can use the value determined by LandGate, and are encouraged to add a detailed description as well as any additional information regarding the property. Landowner can upload documents to provide further details
  • Multiple listings for different resource types can be created at the same time
  • LandGate agents can assist in creating a listing and provide support
  • After a listing is posted, it is added to LandGate's marketplace, where developers are able to view listings
  • Buyers/Lessees will receive a notification letting them know your property is potentially available for water rights
  • Interested developers will reach out, with a tentative offer, beginning the negotiation process
  • Landowner and developer(s) negotiate the terms of the lease/purchase, LandGate or a broker can provide support through additional information and boilerplate legal documents
  • Landowner selects best offer
  • Landowner is welcome to hire an attorney that can review and provide legal counsel to the landowner regarding the agreement; LandGate can refer the landowner to a list of independent local attorneys at the landowner's request
  • Due diligence is lessee's responsibility including any expense
  • Closing
  • Payment

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